Friday, May 26, 2006

Busy Bees

Recently we have had some unwanted visitors on our plot. There are four houses on the plot we occupy two of them and a relative of the landlord, Yan Yan occupies the third. The fourth house is still open and many people come by to see if it is available to rent. Well some bees have decided that it would be a good place to nest and have taken up residency there. They are honey bees and it seems like no matter what we do they won’t leave. Recently I noticed that they bees were starting to form a nest outside the window. The Batswana have told me that the bees are starting to make honey. Maybe something sweet will come out of this after all.

Me and the Boys

At the farwell party for Fabiano and Patricia (a Brazilian couple working in the church) I was put in charge of the Brai (Grill) It was a tough job but someone had to do it and everyone was satisfied with the results. Dennis helped me with the Dikoko (chicken) and the Dikgomo (cow).
All of the children that came to the party got all dressed up and even bathed. They were absolutely adorable for the few moments that they were clean. Here I am posing with a few of the boys. Shadrack, KhoKho, T-Bone, Bebeto, and Otsetswe.


Approximately 75% of Palapye residents live without power. They cook over the open fire and use candles and kerosene lamps to light their houses at night. They are too poor to afford electricity. The instillation itself costs over 300 pula (around 60 US dollars.) They are comfortable in their lifestyle and I have never heard a Motswana complain about their living conditions. Most of them live in darkness not only physically but also spiritually. They are comfortable in their spiritual atmosphere as well just following what their parents and grandparents believed by worshipping their ancestors. While talking to some ladies at church I asked them when they became a follower of Jesus; they told me that they were rather old when they believed but it was because they had never heard about Jesus before then and would of believed if someone had just took the time to tell them about Jesus.