Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kikuyu Town

I have had an amazing previlage to get to do some ministry work while I am here in Kenya. I am working with street kids in Kikuyu Town and God is just doing some amazing things while I have been here. To the left are two young boys who are looking through the trash for food, they did find a bannana. Several of these boys are addicted to glue but there are some that are very serious about changing their lifestyles. They even admitted to us about stealing money to survive. God just allowed them to open up to us and show us where they stay and their families. They really are united as they stick together taking care of each other. The help each other find a place to sleep even if it is on the street and if one gets food or money they share it with each other.


At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Crystal!!! It has been forever but I have certainly thought of you a whole lot. How long are you in Kenya? Jessica Hill told me that you might stay in Africa a bit longer? Updates!! :) I am graduating in two weeks! And then it is goodbye to Liberty. I am going to Europe for a month and then Candidate Orientation at CrossWorld! I miss you a lot and hope you are doing well and enjoying life and what the Lord is doing there in Africa. Thank you for keeping up on your blog!


At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Crystal! Check out this website. http://www.marafikiglobalaidsministry.com

You may meet Reverend John Nganga some day as he is the Founder of MarafikiGlobalAidsMinistry, Inc. founded ten years ago, There is an orphanage near Kikuyu Town called Rafiki Childrens' Centre. They have two dormitories, a clinic, dining hall and are planning to build an education center as well. Great things are happening there, even in the midst of all the terrible fighting and conflict in the immediate area. Rev. Nganga is the author of "A Covenant with God" in which he tells of his calling and work for the Lord. His email address is

Peace be with you. Take care. Joyce Ann Edmondson, Author of The Listening Tree, Falling Petals and In the Arms of the Shepherd (see on Amazon)


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