Sunday, January 22, 2006

Fresh Start

We have a new addition to the family here in Palapye. Mouwane a little kitten we got in Gaborone. Mouwane means cloudy or overcast in Setswana but we are going to call it Mo for short. Palapye has been great, the schools have been so open to our teaching and very friendly. The students clap when we enter and leave the classroom and will sit in their seats wanting us to continue to teach them. Please pray for the language barrier as the Form One students have a hard time understanding English. The houses are nice we are renting two on the compound but since they are new there is still a lot that needs worked on. The third house on the compound is infested with bees. Kelly another journeygirl is allergic to them so please pray she doesn’t get stung. I love the village, people are very friendly and we always have visitors. News travels fast though every store we go to they already know what we do and where we live. They have even given us Setswana names. Mine is Tato which means willing. The dogs love the new compound as well because there is so much space. Continue to pray for our transitioning into this new place that we may develop relationships and teach effectively. Thanks


At 5:25 AM, Blogger Mandi said...

hello friend! it makes my heart happy to hear good things, and to see the pics of you "licking" yo dirty foot and the one with the cat on your head--love it!


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