Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

I had the amazing opportunity to be invited by the Christian Hospitality Network to come stay in a lovely resort at Victoria Falls for three nights. It was amazing and much needed break from the village. The trip up took about nine hours but since there were four of us traveling it did not seem so bad. There were several animals we saw along the way including elephants, ostriches and their babies, families of monkeys, and several birds. Unfortunately one bird did not make it past the car. I was able to go to the market their and barter for some good deals. This should give you a little idea of what the market looked like. There were several sections. The sellers usually ask around 3 times more than what the item is really worth so you have to get them to come down. I think I made some good deals. Here is Victoria FaIt is the longest water fall in the world and goes on and one splitting Zimbabwe and Zambia. A picture does not do it justice. I was also able to go on the bridge that joins the two countries and see someone bungee jump it was breath taking.I had a fabulous time and even got to go white water rafting down the Zambezi river. It was a lot of fun but the hike in and out of the gorge was absolutely dreadful. All in all it was definitely worth it. The thing I enjoyed the most was the running water and the air conditioning it was so nice to have those for a few days. I also appreciate the letters you sent to the organization. They put a little gift on our bed every night. The letters were my favorite and really touched my heart I wasn’t expecting them at all. Thanks so much!

Here we all are.... emily, kelly, myself, and shawna.


At 6:46 AM, Blogger Nicole said...

Hi, Crystal,

You are brave...and i am accidently visit your blog...God will be with you always and always...Take care :P


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