Thursday, January 11, 2007

New News

On Christmas day I had the wonderful opportunity to go snorkeling
on the 2 mile reef outside of Vilankulo, Mozambique as well as relax
on a deserted island. White sand, clear water, dolphins, crabs, what
more could someone ask for? It was a nice break from the desert in
Botswana and much needed time on the beach.

Later on I was able to try out surfing again. At Tofu Beach
near Inhambane Mozambique. I got up several times and blew
out several times as well, but all in all I had a blast.

Don’t ask what happened here…. I have no clue

Then on the 28th of December I was able to get with missionaries
all over the southern part of Africa for a prayer meeting. It
was a great time to meet new people and also see old friends
as well but most importantly it was a time of prayer. It was a
time of getting things back into perspective for the New Year
and allowing God to lead me in the things to come.

Also on the 1st of January I had an amazing opportunity to go
to Nairobi, Kenya to work with a mission’s team from my church.
It was an incredible time for me. The team was so encouraging
and their prayers and support lifted my spirits. We were able
to go into the streets and minister to children through VBS as
well as have a women’s bible study. It was so nice to see such
a diverse group of people come together for one common purpose
to share God’s love through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is
always encouraging to see other people’s passion for missions
and it allowed me to grow closer to God during the time I was
there. Thank you all for your prayers during these last few
weeks. It is not easy being away from home on Christmas when
you want to be with your family around the Christmas tree
singing Christmas carols. Blessings come to those who obey God
and I appreciate all of your support. God Bless and Happy New Year.


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