Friday, June 01, 2007

Home Sweet Home

After 30 days in Kenya I am finally out of the hospital and back in Palapye. I am recovering quickly and am thankful for all of your prayers and letters. Thank you so much. I was able to have a little fun before getting sick in Kenya. I went to the giraffe center and got to kiss a giraffe. Since journeyman are not allowed to date this was the most action I have seen

on the field. Their tongues are rough like cows tongues but their salvia is antibacterial… who knew. The kiss really wasn’t that bad and the picture was definitely worth it. I also was able to go to the elephant orphanage. In the picture is a baby elephant about 5 months old. They have to wear blankets to keep them warm. The elephants were fun to see and pet. The orphanage is pretty neat because each worker sleeps in the stall of his or her assigned elephant every night and if you adopt and elephant then you get to go sleep in the stall with them. They told us that the elephant will stick his or her trunk on the bed several times in a night to make sure you are still there.
I also got to go to the tea plantations. Kenya is known for their coffee and tea. I got a tour of the plantation and how tea is picked. The picking is done by hand by many workers. It was neat to see all of the green leaves and the rain in Kenya. It is so dry in Botswana and only rains like two months out of the year. I got to see flowers it was so exciting!


At 9:23 AM, Blogger Gaby said...

Glad you made it out of Kenya and hopefully the E-coli doesn't return. The pics of the animals are cute so thanks for sharing. I've yet to see lions, but perhaps in the next couple of months. Enjoy the weekend.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger shellyeve said...

this is great - the "action" pic of the kiss is awesome! ha! i am glad you got to spend some great time with your family - we are still praying for you here - know you are loved by your church here! the team is coming up next week - i can't wait to see new pictures and hear their stories and yours :)
have a blast - cling to Him.
pray for us as well - that we would cling to Him and stay united in love as the local body here. Thanks yo!


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