Friday, July 27, 2007

Providence Team

The largest group of white people ever came to evangelize in Palapye. It was great having a team from my home church come. They got to meet and fall in love with the people here just as I have. It was an amazing time where over 500 children came and heard the message of Jesus Christ.
The group was able to pray walk and get to now the leaders in the church as well as work with them. The abstinence talks

went well and a lot of the youth were very receptive to the message. Please pray for the follow up that will need to take place as the team leaves. I also have a little over a month before I leave for the US and would appreciate your prayers for meaningful goodbyes. It is going to be hard for me to transition back into the US from the village life. I have worked hard building lasting relationships here and it will hard to leave as part of my heart will always be in Palapye, Botswana.


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