Tuesday, June 20, 2006


(Due to technical difficulties there are no pictures but they will be coming soon as long as Blogger decides to cooperate)

Everyone is going crazy about the World Cup. It seems to be as famous as the Super Bowl is in America. And for once in my life I am ashamed to be American…. The American team really stinks. Well because of all this excitement I decided to have a world cup tournament with the children that I play soccer with every Friday.

I randomly picked several countries wrote them on some scrap fabric. Then I made teams of two for each country. The object of the game was to score. There was no goalie and just one small goal marked by two spare bricks found lying around the church yard. The first team to score would advance to the next round… and this would go on until there is one team left and they are eliminated. At our world cup Italy won. Senegal got second and Spain got third. So we will see the real outcome is in July.

My friend Bone who was thought to go out very early because of his size but he made it all the way into the last round. He shot this amazing goal for his team and he was just so surprised that he got it in I think it made his day. I have had a lot of fun playing soccer with the kids every Friday and it seems to be growing we had over 50 kids come last week. Pray that God will continue to work in these young children’s lives so that they may become much needed Christian leaders in Botswana when they grow up.