Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well you have to get a bit creative when you live in a village after sunset there isn't much to do. In the picture above we are spitting corn at each other. We have corn in our yard but unfortunately it all dried out and when we went to eat it, it was real hard so we decided to play a game with it instead. In Thsipise some monkeys had a ton of fun on our car. They even left some presents behind which were not exactly fun to clean up.
And there is always the Mo who can make us laugh. She has gotten really good at catching bugs and lizards keeping the house free from anything that may creep and crawl in the night.
In my free time which is very little and hard to come by I like to paint. I do not claim to be any good at it but I find it relaxing which is very much needed when dealing with a third world country. Here is my latest. I have also tried to take up quilting. If you have any cool hobbies that are easy to do let me know.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fun in the Sun

Fun Times! Before Easter we showed the Passion of Christ and had a great response. Several students came and many want to know more about Christ. Unfortunately most of the people in Palapye have gone to the lands or far out villages and won't come back until school begins at the beginning of May. We were able to have a Youth Day and play games which was a lot of fun and the youth really enjoyed it. I just got back from a conference in Tshipise South Africa. It was very challenging and I hope to put the things I learned into practice. Pray as I prepare for the next school term.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


This little girl is one of the many little children that come to church whenever the doors are open. She lives right next to the church with her family. They live in a mud hut which is called a roundavall they have no electricity or running water. Their toliet is a whole in the ground behind their hut. They are happy and enjoy life. They do not need material things to please them and what makes their day is to just spend time with you. Bakaradi has several names every time I ask her she has a new name. Most Batswana have at least three names; an english name, setswana name and a nickaname. So it can get confusing sometimes but if you can say the setswana name then they are usually impressed. Please pray for all the little children that come to the church may they find love there.