Thursday, July 20, 2006

Georgia Team

We have had a team of four (Tim, Ori, Leah, and Bill) come to help in ministry the past two weeks. Together we did several assemblies at schools, VBS, and helped out with an orphan day. It was an encouraging time and over 200 youth came forward to pray to receive Christ. Please pray as we try to respond to the decisions made and that we will have faith that God will work in their lives even if we are not a part of it.


These children have had their childhood stolen from them; with their mothers being murdered by their boyfriends through passion killings, or through never knowing who is their real mother, father, sister or brother. Death is all around them it is in the parking lot of the major general store as a soldier shots three right in the public or in the minibus that was hit by a truck driver killing over twenty people. Just when you think it is bad enough there are those who commit suicide by standing in front of the train that runs through the middle of the village or through poisoning themselves by drinking battery acid. The only hope that these Children have is in Jesus Christ. The only way Botswana can change is if they turn from their ways and run to the open arms of Christ.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Witch Doctor

So I got cursed the other day… while I was dropping someone off I was blocking a side dirt road and a car was coming. As soon as I saw the car they began to honk and I moved quickly out of the way. Then something extremely strange happened. The car moved up into the middle of the main dirt road. A lady came out of the passenger seat and grabbed two handfuls of dirt and then she got back in the car. Then the car turned around and started back the way it came. The lady in the passenger side rolled down her window and tossed her scarf up and down in our direction. Well I thought this was all very strange and would I asked my friend Tshepiso what it meant and he said that they were going to take the dirt to a witch doctor and get them to curse me. Apparently the car had touched the dirt and therefore since I was in the car I was somehow connected with the dirt and the witch doctor then could curse me through this dirt. Well I think it is a shame that they are going to spend a lot of money on something that is really worthless. Pray for the people in Botswana that are trapped in a lie believing in these witch doctors.