Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lion Hunt

After visiting some missionaries in Maun I went to a Makgaikgadi Game Reserve in the Kalahari Desert. It was incredible to fall asleep with the sounds of elephants, zebra and lion’s in the background and it was a nice time to visit with missionaries and get to know each other better.

At this reserve there were some lions and thus began the hunt. The afternoon we arrived we caught a glimpse of some tracks heading towards the camp site. The guide said that the lions had come that way earlier that morning. Throughout our game drives we saw the effects of the lions. Several kills they had made. They seemed to especially like Zebra. Then that night we heard them calling to each other all night long keeping us awake. We searched high and low but no lion sightings. Then early that evening there seemed to be something that spooked over 1,000 zebras causing them to stampede all around us but no lion.

We never did find the lion but I am positive that we did go by it several times. The search will continue….

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Youth Rally Madness

For the past week we attended the Botswana Baptist Youth Rally where youth from all over Botswana came to praise God and grow closer to Him. We all got on a train headed for Francistown further north of Palapye. About two and half hours into our ride we got off the train at Tati Siding. From there we walked about a mile and a half to a boarding school called Tashatha CJSS, where the youth rally was being held. There was over 150 youth attending and we ran out of beds for everyone. Palapye’s youth was the largest group there. Not so bad for a church that is less than a year old. God did some amazing things and the Devil tried with all his might to prevent spiritual growth from happening. First the school accidentally overbooked and had two groups staying there at once, then leaders for certain seminars just did not show up when they were supposed to, water ran out at the school and food seemed to be scarce. Even though there were so many things that went wrong the Holy Spirit moved and several youth accepted Jesus as their Savior. It was an amazing time and it was nice to see friends from all over the country. I look forward to next year. Thank you for all of your prayers.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


While the students are taking exams we decided to take a little break ourselves and went up to the North of Botswana to Chobe National Park. We were able to go on many game drives, boat cruise and a trip to a Namibian Village. We enjoyed playing cards by the camp fire and getting the truck stuck in sand. The nights were cold and the days were hot but the sunsets were the most beautiful in the world.
For your enjoyment here are some animals I saw up in Chobe!

Here I am with a tame mongoose her name is goose and she loves people. She lives on a farm full of crocodiles.

This mother was not too excited about us being so close to her baby she raised her trunk and shushed us away.
Stay away from the Hippos they are the most dangerous animal in Africa.
Better watch out for the monkeys if you are not looking they may eat your lunch.

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