Thursday, February 22, 2007


Here is a pig one of several pigs that live at Mabogo the school I teach at. At school the students learn how to take care of animals and gardens. I am told that at the end of the year this pig will be lunch for the Form Twos. I have been doing a bible study during lunch there and in the middle of the story the pig walks in the class and snorts around before leaving. I thought that this was really strange but all of the students didn't even look at the pig. It did not phase them one bit. Culture Shock!

A Slow Start

The past couple of weeks have been very busy with training, meetings, and traveling to try and get things started with the new and improved Operation HIV. Things seem to be moving a lot slower than I would like but God has allowed this time I have before the ministry takes off to be a time of prayer. I was able to get away and go to the Rhino Sanctuary for a day just to see God’s wonderful creation.

Every time I go there it takes my breath away and I feel closer to God out in the middle of the bush with his animals. It inspires me and allows me to become refreshed with new energy to get his work done. Nothing beats a beautiful sunset here in Africa.

Please continue to pray for Operation HIV. We are going to be having a HIV/AIDS testing day on March 18th. Pray that everything will run smoothly and that many people will come to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.